Timothy S. Catlett

Credentials: PhD from CMB Dec 13, 2019

Position title: Scientist II, Translational oncology and clinical reporting, Foundation Medicine

•Catlett, T.S. and Gomez T.M. (2016) Division of labor in the growth cone by DSCR1. J Cell Bio. 213(4): 407-409. PMCID: PMC4878096.

•Catlett, T.S., Onesto, M.M., McCann, A.J., Rempel, S.K., Glass, J., Franz, D.N., and Gómez, T.M. (2021) RhoA signaling defects result in impaired axon guidance in iPSC-derived neurons from patients with tuberous sclerosis complex. Nat. Commun. 12(1):2589.

Timothy Catlett

I utilize a pluripotent stem cell model to investigate guidance mechanisms in derived human neurons of the early CNS. I hope to elucidate neurite outgrowth and guidance responses to cues and their underlying intracellular signaling cascades, with an emphasis on the role of local protein synthesis at the growth cone. Stem cell modeling also facilitates our study of guidance phenotypes occurring in human neurodevelopmental diseases including Autism Spectrum Disorders.