Patrick Kerstein

Position title: Post-doc in Dr. Kevin Wright’s laboratory at OSHU


PhD from NTP July 24, 2015

Pre-grad with tim


Publications in Gomez Lab:

  • Kerstein, P., Jacques-Fricke, B., Rengifo, J., Mogen, B., Williams, J., Gottlieb, P., Sachs, F. and Gomez, T. M. (2013) Mechanosensitive TRPC1 channels promote calpain proteolysis of talin to regulate spinal axon outgrowth. J Neurosci., Jan 2, 33(1): 273-285. PMCID: 3539200
  • Kerstein, P., Nichol, R.H. and Gomez T.M. (2015) Mechanochemical regulation of growth cone motility. Front Cell Neurosci, Jul 7;9:244. PMCID: PMC4493769
  • Kerstein P.C., Patel K.M. and Gomez T.M. (2017) Calpain-mediated proteolysis of Talin and FAK regulates adhesion dynamics necessary for axon guidance. J Neurosci. Jan 9.[Epub ahead of print] PMID: 28069919.

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