Bob Nichol

Position title: Roaming the country


PhD from NTP January 20, 2017


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Publications in Gomez Lab:

  • Doers M.E., Musser M.T., Nichol R., Baker M.W., Berndt E.R., Gomez T.M., Zhang S.C., Abbeduto L., Bhattacharyya A. (2014). Induced pluripotent stem cell derived forebrain neurons from FXS individuals show defects in initial neurite outgrowth. Stem Cells Dev. March 24. 23 (15): 1777-1787. PMCID: PMC4103262
  • Santiago-Medina, M., Gregus, K. A., Nichol, R.H. O’Toole, S.M. and Gomez, T. M. (2015) Regulation of ECM degradation and axon guidance by growth cone invadosomes. Development, Feb 1, 142(3):486-496. Highlighted in Science magazine. Faculty of 1000 selection.PMCID: PMC4302990
  • Kerstein, P., Nichol, R.H. and Gomez T.M. (2015) Mechanochemical regulation of growth cone motility. Front Cell Neurosci, Jul 7;9:244. PMCID: PMC4493769
  • Nichol, R.H., Hagen, K., Lumbard, D.C., Dent, E.W. and Gomez T.M. (2016) Guidance of axons by local coupling of retrograde flow to point contact adhesions. J Neurosci. 17 February; 36(7):2267-2282. [PMID: 26888936].
  • Nichol, R.H., Hollender, A., Dent, E.W. and Gomez T.M. Substratum elasticity regulates cell-type specific human neuritogenesis. In preparation.

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