Miguel Santiago-Medina

Position title: Senior Medical Writer at ACCESS Medical, LLC

Email: misantiagomedina@ucsd.edu

PhD from NTP November 22, 2013

Publications in Gomez Lab:

  • Santiago-Medina, M., Myers, J. P. and Gomez, T. M. (2011) Imaging adhesion and signaling dynamics in Xenopus laevis growth cones. Dev. Neurobio. Apr;72(4):585-599. PMCID: 3158960
  • Myers, J. P., Santiago-Medina, M. and Gomez, T. M. (2011) Regulation of axonal outgrowth and pathfinding by integrin-ECM interactions. Dev. Neurobio. 71 (11): 901-923. PMCID: 3192254
  • Santiago-Medina, M., Gregus, K. A. and Gomez, T. M. (2013) PAK-PIX interactions regulate adhesion dynamics and membrane protrusion to control neurite outgrowth. J Cell Science, Mar 1, 126(Pt 5):1122-1133. PMCID: 3635460. Highlighted in Extracellular Matrix News 4.02
  • Santiago-Medina, M., Gregus, K. A., Nichol, R.H. O’Toole, S.M. and Gomez, T. M. (2015) Regulation of ECM degradation and axon guidance by growth cone invadosomes. Development, Feb 1, 142(3):486-496. Highlighted in Science magazine. Faculty of 1000 selection.PMCID: PMC4302990

Current location: https://sites.google.com/site/ucsdyanglab/welcome-to-the-yang-lab